Sunday, March 9, 2014

We're Moving!

So it's been a solid three and a half months since I have checked my blog...can't believe it!  Christmastime, family visits, a difficult last few weeks of my pregnancy, and last but certainly not least...the birth of our sweet son has shaken things up a bit!

Joshua Patrick arrived on January 18 at 6:46am!  More on his birth story later, but the addition of one more tiny being to the house has brought delight, joy, love, and exponentially multiplying loads of laundry :-)  (Oh, and throw a little bit of crazy in there, too!).  We are adjusting, as he's now seven weeks old, and I am officially out of my nine-month pregnancy fog.  Soooo grateful!  I'm anxious to truly start blogging again and continuing with what the Lord has asked me to do.  Stay tuned as the website gets another huge makeover.  Soon, all of my content will be moving to:

I can't wait to continue this journey with all of you.  Once it's up and running, you can expect spiritual and emotional encouragement for all mommies in any stage of life, financial tips and tricks, organizational tips and tricks, fun projects and recipes to try, and ongoing explanations and encouragements to stay at home and make it work.  Until next time!