I am so glad that you stopped by Staying at Home and Making it Work! As a wife of five years and a mother to a very busy 1-year-old boy, I am figuring out this lifestyle right along with you. We became pregnant when I was in my fifth year of teaching elementary music. I had always considered staying at home (you'll see this as SAHM throughout the blog), but it took the full support of my husband, long hours of financial planning, the repeated urging of our Lord, and my son's precious newborn face to convince me that this is where all of my men needed me...my God, my husband, and my son.

Are there hard days? Absolutely. But, that comes with any profession. Do I have days when I wish that I was still a career woman impacting other mother's children through the art of music? Truthfully, not right now. This is my new calling. God gave us our son after I was plagued with fears and doubts that we would never even be able to conceive. I consider it a true privilege to be the primary influence in our son's life, to teach him the ins and outs of this crazy world, and to help him to develop into the man God has created him to be.

So...what led me to write about staying at home and how we make it work? My very first post explains my heart, so please read Why This Blog?. Additionally, the Lord has focused me into five different areas. Through my writings, I hope to:
  • Spiritually encourage every mother regardless of their family situation...SAHM, working mom, single mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, new mom, veteran mom, and the mommy-to-be
  • Provide Godly directives from His Word to inspire the working mother to consider SAHMommyhood for herself and her family
  • List practical steps to prepare for a one-income home and the SAHM lifestyle
  • Explain the practices that our family lives by in order to make this lifestyle work...spiritually, financially, and organizationally
  • Make each woman smile as she reads through my successes, my challenges, the development of my passions, and the molding together of my family by the grace of our Lord and Savior
Thank you for supporting me in my endeavor to inspire other mothers around the world. I pray that my posts will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Today, and everyday, be blessed!

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