Kindra is a 30-year-old wife and mother. Many of her loves may be found throughout this blog...Jesus, spending time with her family, blogging, organizing, crafting, planning, reading, exercising, leading, decorating, money-saving, traveling, connecting with friends, cooking (well, she's learning to love it), and Starbucks. She has her bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas in Music Education. She is a born and raised Kansan who now has the privilege of residing in beautiful Colorado. She is a daughter of Debbie and Ken and a sister to younger brother, Kenny. Eventually, Kindra hopes to write a daily devotional book for the SAHM, using writings from this blog, and to open a musically-focused pre-school after she has passed her years of raising her small children.

Yes, that says children. Kindra and Patrick are avidly praying for God to bring them baby number two (and three and four!) in His perfect timing...

Speaking of Patrick, he is a 31-year-old husband, dad, and engineer. He travels frequently, but loves to spend the time he is at home with Kindra and Caleb, and playing outside! An athlete by nature, Patrick is a dedicated mountain biker and snowboarder. He loves doing anything outside in the great state of Colorado, and also enjoys spending time discovering God's will for his life. He finds his other passions in working on cars, reading to learn about new things, drawing and designing bicycles, fellowshipping with friends, and brewing his own beer. Patrick earned a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas, and he thrives at using his design knowledge in his engineering career. He is a son to Margaret and Bill and a brother to Liz, Kathleen, and BIL Jesse. One day, Patrick hopes to start his own mountain bike business/store in addition to his own brewery.

And then, there is Caleb. At 1-year-old, Caleb is a precious and very busy toddler! After being referred to as the "kindergartener" in the hospital nursery, he has continued to live up to his name! A big guy from birth, he is strong and steady. He spends most of his time climbing things, letting his momma chase him, building with blocks, and pining after Thomas the train. He loves music, he loves to dance, and he is a fantastic sleeper! Caleb loves to play with friends at church, bible study, the Y nursery, and on playdates. Caleb is a social-butterfly who talks to anyone who looks at him (or doesn't look at him!), and he loves visiting his Mimi and Papa, Granddaddy, and Deedah (Grandma), as well as his many Aunts and Uncles. In the future, Caleb aspires to potty-train and to give his momma lots of blog-spiration!

Finally, we have a puggle (a pug/beagle mix) named Pugsley. He is quite naughty, very destructive, but loves all three of us unconditionally. We'll keep him...for now!

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